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Again, the packaging is usually foil or plastic packets and takes up very little space in the dispensing cabinets or on the shelves in the pharmacy.The disadvantage to a semi-automated unit-dose packaging system is that a dedicated person has to operate it, and, depending on the quantity of repackaged medication needed by the facility, it could require a full FTE position.Remote camera sharing lets you perform remote support on anything your customer can see, including hardware and peripherals.With the Bomgar mobile app, you can use chat or the phone itself to communicate with customers while connected.The labels can be manually modified to harmonize descriptions with the hospitals' systems and barcode labeling formats.Partial tablets and compounded medications can also be added to the software library for future packaging.

These systems are connected with the hospital's computer operating system, inventory system, and/or the dispensing cabinets, such as PYXIS.Most of the manual systems for the solid dosage forms are blister packs.The software will create the labeling and barcoding for the blister packs and is printed on foil-backed paper that adheres to and seals the blister packs with adhesive or heat.Fortunately, there are several options available for unit-dose packaging drugs from bulk bottles: automated, semi-automated, manual, and outsourcing.

Pharmacy administrators need to evaluate the needs of their facilities and choose the best option to meet those needs.

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