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Most women with chronic low redox potential and Hashi’s will tell you when they awaken, it almost feels like life is over.Instead of thinking this way, begin to understand how physics dictates your proteins and your biologic responses.These are all incredibly important in moving electrons and protons around proteins in the MTHFR, COMT, and B vitamin pathways.This effects the 3 dimension molecular structures of the proteins in these pathways, that directly affect their quantum superpositions.COMT pathways are quite important for those with sleep disorders and low DHEA.BH4 is needed to synthesize serotonin, dopamine, conversion of phenylalanine to tyrosine and language-related function (autism connection).

This pathway is tied to many of the blogs I have already written.These are all symptoms of women with melasma and Hashimoto’s. I believe if you give it 18 – 36 months of changing behaviors, I think it is beatable.The problem is few people check their MTHFR, COMT , or B vitamin pathways.How does a good question on the forum lead to a better answer to modern disease?

There is no trophy in health without a race…………for a new truth.

The problem is people hate trying to understand the details that QED requires of us, to understand the complexity in life and wellness.

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    Validating identity I have a laptop connected to a wireless belkin router and under status it says validating - Belkin F5D5231-4 Router question…