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These websites use Adobe Flash Player to find any video sources, please make sure you have the latest, stable, version of Flash Player.You will also need to click “Allow” on all the pop-ups and confirmation boxes that are requesting the use of your cameras and microphones.Streaming HD videos takes a high upload speed, generally 4Mbps to see if you have a good enough connection to do so you can go to and check out your upload and download speeds.Although you may need to have higher upload speeds, you can stream 720p video with an upload speed of ~3Mbps without too many issues.There are a couple different things that could be causing this but the most common is that you are trying to use your Many Cam 4 license with Many Cam 3 or vice versa.Make sure you have the appropriate version of Many Cam that goes with your license.If you have any further issues you can send your system specifications and connection speed to [email protected] further assistance.

Please note that this will completely disable the extension. Please run the following commands in Terminal to fix the issue: sudo chown -R root:wheel /Library/Extensions/Many Cam Video Device and sudo chmod -R 755 /Library/Extensions/Many Cam Video Device First time you will be asked for a password (the pass is "root") To run the driver after that the following command is needed: sudo kextload /Library/Extensions/Many Cam Video Device Password is the same.The code must be as follows: XXXXXXXX–XXXXXXXX–XXXXXXXX–XXXXXXXX–XXXXXXXX (5 groups, 8 symbols each) Webcams tend to use a lot of USB bandwidth and separating the cameras onto different USB controllers (I. - 3 in front 3 in back or 2 in front 4 in back, ETC ) can potentially help reduce the bandwidth load on each controller allowing your computer to read more Webcams at a time.Many IP Cameras have some extra information that may be needed in order for Many Cam to be able to reach them.The most common fix for this problem is to input the IP Address as follows. user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] Replacing [IPADDRESS], [USERNAME] and [PASSWORD] with the appropriate information.

If you’re still having problems connecting to your IP Camera, please contact [email protected] assistance.

Many Cam has support for the MJPEG video format which is supported by most IP Cameras, please make sure that your camera does support this format.

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