Var adm messages solaris 10 not updating

(Emulex-S s10-64 sparc v2.80.8.0 (20.15.45)) Apr 24 beastie emlxs: [ID 349649] [ B.1A87]emlxs0: NOTICE: 100: Driver attach.(LPe12000-S Dev_id:fc40 Sub_id:fc41 Id:35) Apr 24 beastie emlxs: [ID 349649] [ B.1A94]emlxs0: NOTICE: 100: Driver attach.

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(8Gb, fabric, initiator) Hi, Very nice post, getting confused with the luxadm forcelip itslef the frimware is getting upgraded, where is the source of the upgrade package, i understand force lip only reset the hba and works with the updated firmware. Thanks Lazarus driver will no longer automatically updates the host bus adapters (HBA) firmware on Oracle-branded HBAs, you have to do it through the proposed steps (forced LIP).

Should the retry count be exhausted, then an Error Level Fatal will be reported and the higher level caller will get an error notification.

Var adm messages solaris 10 not updating comments

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