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That said, if you feel strongly that your lower performers needed to stay, I don’t think it’s crazy to discreetly say to the people you want to reward, “Hey, you’ve had a great year. ” If someone else asks you why they didn’t get released early too, you can simply say, “We needed some coverage but not full coverage, and Jane and Fergus had finished everything I needed from them.” More generally, no, perks don’t need to be distributed evenly regardless of performance.It often makes sense to treat people differently depending on how they perform. After 3 years, the company my husband works for here in Maine changed their smoking policy. In Maine, they are required to give paid breaks, but the people were asked to now punch out to have their smoke off property. But after the first run, the company decided they did not want that many people punching out for a break. Now they are told that they cannot punch out to have a cigarettes until lunch.There are SOME perks, though, that are more of a group thing — for example, you wouldn’t want to invite only some people to a team dinner or other outing. They have to wait 6 to 7 hours or were told they can quit their jobs if they didn’t agree. They were told that “we gave you 17 months warning to quit smoking” In Maine, employers must give employees the opportunity to take an unpaid rest break of 30 consecutive minutes after six hours worked, if three or more people are on duty.No coffee, bathroom, or smoking breaks are required.All of these options felt wrong, but I ended up giving no one time off. Or should perks like a few freebie hours be distributed regardless of performance?I tend to think that sending people home early for a holiday should be a do-it-for-everyone thing, not something that you’re using to reward performance.If you were non-exempt, some of what they’re asking you to do to compete would be illegal: Regardless of any perks that you might receive, your employer is required by law to pay non-exempt employees for all the time they’ve worked, including overtime.In that case, I’d recommend saying something like, “I don’t want us to get into trouble with the state department of labor, so I wanted to point out that state law does require us to pay people for all time worked, regardless of the competition.” However, you say that you’re exempt, so this wouldn’t apply; as a exempt worker, you’re not required to be paid additional wages for additional work.

To do this, our bosses have split us up into teams and are giving us tokens to redeem for work perks.As often asked, is the competition for perks legal for our management to ask of us?The idea of a competition to earn perks is legal in and of itself, even if it’s designed to get you to work extra shifts.To become a member, applicants are required to be voted in by existing members of the opposite sex. If they reply in kind you know why you should sign up.

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These perks are normally denied to us advisors, but are university approved for everyone to use like teleworking and alternative working schedules.