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Downloading a previously programmedconfiguration often provides a better starting point for programmingand speeds customization even if the new system is slightly differentfrom an archived file.The PCL-300 software includes a completely blankconfiguration for each of the remotes.The tuner does not know the identity of the truck it is programmed to. A 4 bank chip replaces ALL the programming so as long as the designer did their job it all works together properly.The tuner is programmed to not tune two ECM's in a row. 1997 Ford F350 SRW 7.3L PSD 1985 Ford Ranger 2.3L 5 speed 1966 Mustang 200 I6, auto, 4 wheel disk, power brake retrofit, Corvette master.You must restore the stock tune to the first ECM (with the tuner) before tuning a second. DIS A-Piller Gauge POD - Autometer-Carbon Fiber gauge's - Pyrometer - Trans Temp - Boost... Former vehicles, 1994 E350 7.3L IDI, 1985 International 1654 rollback, 6.9L IDI, (2) 1994 Ford E350 7.3L IDI, 1985 Ford F350 DRW 6.9L IDI, 1985 Ford F350 wrecker 6.9L IDI.

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The MX650's have not shipped yet so I could not tell you if that will work with the PCL300.Sounds similar to the IRClone product for the MX-500.Does anyone have information about the pricing or availability of this product?During my research I found what appears to be an upcoming product for archiving configurations from MX-350 and MX-650 remotes to a PC for re-use into other MX-350s and MX-650s.

The product is called PCL-300, and I did not find any reference to this at Remote Central after doing a bit of searching.

These blank configurations have alllabeling and codes deleted from all devices and buttons, enabling you toprogram small systems without extensive deleting of labels or commands.

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