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During this time I wasn’t even on a dose that should have affected my migraines but I did notice they were slightly less frequent.In the coming weeks I’ll let you know what happened when I gradually increased the dose. I only decided to take it after careful consideration and consultation with my Doctors.) And then an evil genius plan began to hatch at the back of my mind.I could sell some of these miracle weight loss drugs on e Bay!We all know what crazed Hollywood Actresses will do to get skinny.Imagine what they would pay for a drug that is known to cause weight loss in a quarter of its users! I was going to be supermodel skinny, migraine free and rich!But the thirst was to such an extent that I could do nothing else all day but lie in bed and drink. Then finally, at about 8pm I realized that Ice Lollies, Calippos to be exact, were the only things on planet earth that would quench this unquenchable thirst. She entered my room coyly, tentatively holding out the soy ice cream in front of her, like a kind of shield. She eventually persuaded me to try some, to see if it would help.So out my devoted mother went into the cold night and came back… It tasted like cardboard, conversely making my mouth even drier!

I couldn’t sleep that night, convinced I would kill my parents in their sleep. I was prescribed a pediatric 15mg ‘Sprinkle’ dose formulation.He explained it actually takes some time for Kidney stones to develop, and as I’d only been on the drugs for 2 weeks it was unlikely.“Oh god you don’t understand” I screamed “You don’t know about this drug and it’s power and do you have any idea how guilty you’re going to feel when I die and you just stood by and did nothing and do you know how irritating you are?!”In the end it turned out Dad was right, I was not dying of Kidney stones. I tried sucking throat sweets, wet flannels, no matter how much water I drank nothing helped.So, I took the pills and the first week went by without incident. But not because I’m hungry, oh no, but because I can’t stop drinking!!!

I did not try, or have thoughts of, killing my parents. (Water, that is, not Gin.)And I am not talking normal thirst.

So welcome to the world of trying out preventative medications. I do realize that of all the listed side effects, I was pretty lucky.

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