Sasunaru dating game part 3

I love the color orange, fox, and Ramen all the dang way!! I gave him a smile before continuing, " My interests are, um, *whisper* you *whisper* music, and-" Sasuke cut me off.

I gave Naruto a nod and we ran as fast as we could but as quiet as we could. "I think we should be together." I said and smiled.A certain Uchiha experiments with the Byakugan and the Sharingan and things start to happen. Warning: Is very fluffy, the main ship is Boru Mitsu or Mitsu Boru, extremely gay, what did you expect).The last of the Uchihas are mad (of course) and so are the Hyuugas. Like a blast of sunlight, like the howling of wind. As you can see I suck at summaries so just read it bc I high key love attention. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A/N: I hope you loved it :) ' Cause if you didn't ima cry my eyes out T^T JK...

" Kiba shouted whilst he made his way over to Shino. ** After The Game ** (Naruto Pov) "So Naruto I think you should go talk to him about what you two are! I smiled and hugged him tighter, if that was possible.

Como eu quero você" Sacudiendo la cabeza, Naruto coge a Sasuke del mentón y sonriendo, replica, "No, me deseas.