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In the mouth of the cave, the largest in Britain, rope makers use to live and work.Their cottages have been demolished but 'rope walks' are still to be found.Blue John is only found in this area of Britain, andsmall pieces of the mineral are still plentiful, large pieces are now rare.Peak Cavern is the source of the village river, Peakshole Water and as such it is the only Cavern that has to be closed during the winter due to flooding.She admitted joining dating app Tinder and paying an agency thousands to set her up with her ideal match before giving Channel 4’s Celebrity First Dates a go.Her past came back to haunt her on the show when she went on a blind date with Ernesto, a cockney Greek engineer who was the spitting image of Ronnie.Castleton has 4 underground show caves, all worth a visit, for their own interesting features.

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Speaking to the Daily Mail's Weekend magazine, she explained: "Now when I look back, the divorce is the best thing that happened to me. "I'm closer to my kids and I know I'm a better person. Jo dated burly builder Paul Scarborough for a spell.They were a real power couple of the rock world but it wasn't to last.However the pair's 34 year relationship came to dramatic end in 2008 when he was caught cheating with 20-year-old Ukrainian cocktail waitress Ekaterina Ivanova.The show cave is only part of a much larger cave system which attracts cavers from all over the world.

Speedwell Cavern is special because the main workings and its 'bottomless pit' can only be reached by boat along an underground canal.

On Mamtor, also known as the shivering mountain, are the remains of a Celtic hill fort on summit, an enclosure of 16 acres at an altitude of 1700ft.

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