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For example, if the code is 237, the tire was manufactured in the year 1997, because the "7" represents the last numeral of the year the tire was made.If there are four numbers in the date code, the last two numbers are the year of manufacture since the year 2000.

This is a series of articles on the technical aspects of tires, their care and usage.For example, a tire with the date code 3109 was manufactured in the year 2009, because the "09" represents the year the tire was made.Jason Unrau is an automotive writer with 15 years experience in the automotive dealer environment, including 10 years as and automotive service consultant.On tires with a white sidewall or white letters, this would obviously be the "white side" that was intended out - and that's the side that the DOT code was supposed to be on.

However, this created a problem for some manufacturers as this is typically the top half of the mold and to change the plate every week would require a man to stand in the hot bottom half of the mold while he made the change.

The first 2 or 3 digits are a code for the manufacturing plant.