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Cu Di was nominated for 3 Grammys, and Amanda is clearly rooting for her crush/boo to come home with at least one of those bad boys. Why “a certain guy” as opposed to “my man” or “Scott” or better yet, why even say anything? A few more key tweets: I don’t even want to know what Cu Di made her say. She’s fantasizing about her future, but it sounds like she kinda wants him to be in it. We’re guessing she said essentially the same thing again because the first time she said it, it didn’t give away enough info about her situation. Was that not the most impressive Twitter screen shot collection and research you’ve ever seen? Of course, the show had to pay tribute to President Donald Trump and Alec Baldwin, the two men …Why not say, “disappointed with way these awards are going tonite” or something that doesn’t scream “HEY! Cu Di must have caught that last tweet, because things started to go sour after that. This second one applied more to than the first one. Over the last few weeks, there were rumblings about the possibility of Chris Paul potentially leaving the Los Angeles Clippers to join the Houston Rockets in free agency. This can be something very concrete like giving her a ride to her therapist appointments.Or it can be something a little more vague like just being there for her – whatever that might mean. Make sure you’re exercising, getting to work on time, taking your vitamins and all that stuff.

You might be concerned about going behind her back, but if she’s actually acting a bit crazy, you might be doing her a disservice by not talking to the people closest to her.You might not be enough in terms of someone to talk to. There’s a stigma in our society surrounding mental health that often prevents people from seeking out the care they need to get by.You can be a great boyfriend by encouraging her to seek the help she needs to get through a difficult period in her life.We’re in no position to support others when we aren’t supporting ourselves.

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  • Amanda Bynes Says She's Sober an Wants to Return to TV. - People profil de paulette60


    Jun 9, 2017. The once-troubled actress sat down for an interview her first in four years with Hollyscoop's Diana Madison and opened up about her health and future plans to revisit the industry that made her a star. Revealing that she's now three years sober, Bynes told Madison in the interview — which was previewed.…