Hong kong reality show dating

It’s played to sold-out audiences in cities far beyond Hong Kong as well, such as Prague and Amsterdam.Later this month, the show comes to Hong Kong for the third time, and it again invites audience members to share their stories on stage.A woman went on a date with a man who worked as an accountant. “Anything that doesn’t involve a calculator,” the woman replied.She was nervous before meeting up because she failed maths in high school and wasn’t sure what topic to bring up with him. For their date, she suggested going salsa dancing, which she loved and was sure would have nothing to do with numbers.

The 29 year old woman, identified only by her surname Chun, apparently told family that she felt misrepresented by the “Big Brother”-style show in which contestants are put through various different exercises in order to find a mate. SBS announced the show’s cancellation this weekend, but declined any direct responsibility for Chun’s death.Scroll down for video Virtual reality games usually promise shoot 'em up adventures, but today in Hong Kong, lovelorn tech fans are donning the headsets to go on imaginary dates.Users can choose between four female models and spend a vacation with them in either Japan or Thailand, joining them on trips to cafes, hot springs and karaoke.Die-hard comic fans posed with life-size ultra-realistic models of Wonder Woman, Thor and the Hulk at the stall for Hot Toys, a local firm famous for its figurines.

Others posed for selfies with people dressed as Star Wars stormtroopers.

The name is a Japanese term for obsessive manga or anime fans.'We want to allow more people to try out what it's like to date a girl because there are a lot of Otakus who don't know how to communicate with girls,' Margaret Ming, the app's communication officer, said.'This game can teach them how to get to know girls,' Ms Ming said, adding that there is some flirting involved in the story arcs with the models.