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When I read it, I can tell you, I felt kind of sick. The author of the blog/book, Adrienne Santos-Longhurst says that she is offering “the no BS guide to dating with confidence for the plus size girl” – so let me just get this right. According to Ms Santos-Longhurst, dating like a fat chick is a bad thing.Firstly, most of you already know, I’m a fat chick. Being a plus size girl is ok, but being a fat chick is not. On her page, she outlines why this is a bad thing, because apparently fat chicks do the following: of assumptions to make about how fat chicks behave when dating.So, that means that because I identify as a fat chick, and because I only date people who accept (and appreciate) my fatness and understand my self-identifying as fat, I “date like a fat chick”. It’s not anyone’s fault that someone treats them badly – ever.

Now that we’ve established that being a fat chick is a VERY BAD THING, and that to become a fat chick you only have to identify as fat and choose people to date and how you date them with relevence to your fatness. That no doubt comes from a genuine, good place of wanting to help. Saying “Men treat you badly because you act like a doormat.” lays the blame at the feet of the victim, not the perpetrator.

I’m not saying that those environments aren’t fraught with issues, but let’s face it, who hasn’t been objectified or fetishised while walking down the street, or on some non-fat-focused website?

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