European men dating american women

It did not begin as a sexual union but it has outdistanced my most passionate love affairs.It takes as a given that the friendship that endures between lovers is more vital than the sexual love that flares between friends.We get up in the morning refreshed as if we had slept—because the sharing we have experienced has in fact been more refreshing than sleep.There is little doubt that this chemistry is impervious to the pollution of outside elements. But I am sure that it is precious and irreplaceable.Europeans know that the two are by nature polar opposites.Romantic love thrives on differences: She speaks Japanese; he only speaks Amurrican. Romantic love takes two unlikely people and brings them together despite the odds; married love takes two likely people and keeps them together against the odds.He is a gondolier who wants to be a famous artist; she is a famous artist who wants to be (or love) a gondolier. And so we come to the question with which we opened: "Are you faithful, darling?" Perhaps the answer should be "yes—I am always faithful to our marriage." Then comes the inevitable dilemma of whether one can be faithful to a marriage and bed others.

It has outlasted two of my three marriages and many of my friendship.

No one can duplicate the dialogue we create when we are together. Two people who have found such chemistry between them have little to fear from the beast of territoriality—or do they?