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While republicanism exists in places like the US, their governing institutions are modified forms of those prevailing in the UK, established in order to ensure that a democratic electoral system prevails with various checks and balances which vary by country.In the USA, an elected president replaces the monarchy as head of state, the US Senate is elected as opposed to an appointed and hereditary House of Lords, and a federal system contrasts with a unitary form of government.This is evident in the accents and dialects spoken in the UK, but especially in neighborhoods where these immigrants live, and in the restaurants and types of food available in super and other food markets.

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He admired the British Empire and wanted an equivalent for Germany.Linking globalization today with the British Empire is like trying to isolate the flavor of carrots in minestrone soup.There are so many ingredients in the soup that separating any one and then asking what difference it makes overall would be a daunting task.The 13 US colonies were also part of the empire until their separation after the revolution in 1776.

English political and economic relationships were then modified to deal with the interests of the revolutionaries who became the founding fathers of the USA.

North America Reaching westwards across the Atlantic, the former glory of the British navy as well as its present reduced tonnage reflect the empire’s maritime heritage and the fact that it was known as a “salt water empire”.

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