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You shouldn’t feel bad about yourself just because someone didn’t like you or feel angry.You are not attracted to every guy you meet and the same with the guys.These type of men have an uncanny sense of recognizing which women they can get into bed very quickly and which ones require too much effort.Growing up, men are taught that there are girls you take home to meet mom and there are girls you don't.It is possible that he is too shy to contact you thinking that you didn’t like him.This brings us to the point number one – if you liked a guy but he didn’t text or call or you, contact him instead of making any assumptions.If you meet guys on apps such as Tinder, you might soon realize that most of them are just looking for a quick fling or casual relationship.That is the main reason why many guys will not call girls after one night stand.

The guy is too shy to text or call you If you noticed that the guy is too shy during the date, you will have to take more initiative.If you suspect that he likes you just as a friend there is still time to change things around, especially if you just met him once.You should be aware however that the more “dates” you spent as a friend, the fewer chances that he will eventually fall in love with you. Yes, lastly it is possible that he doesn’t call you because he is just not into you.The best way to avoid meeting guys who are just looking to get laid is to join premium dating website such Match or Eharmony.

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For whatever reason, he has decided that seeing you again is not at the top of his priority list.

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