Dating a 19 year old guy

you know it as well as us thats all BS,...because if it wasnt,..wouldnt be here right now looking for approval. If it happens it happens within a relationship, but I'm looking for an actual relationship, not someone who I can have sex with. I've never touched a drug, I've never even touched a cigarette. If one of my daughters had liked someone who was almost 20, when they were 17, I would have looked at the individual, more than their age.My Advice,..for someone your age,.stay away from teens. It is not a bad age when you are 21 or older and still dating high school aged kids that it becomes a problem..that will actually occur with you for a short time, too! I think generally, if you are a good guy and treat her with respect, it should not be a problem at all!

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Look dude,.what berryman say's to heart,....because he see's and knows what a 20yr old wants to do to his daughter. He is scared that his daughter will meet a guy that was just like him,.... And dont patronize us buy trying to sugar coat your intentions with,..i have a good job,...i dont drink,..i dont do drugs,...i dont want to get laid,.... I do have a job, I don't drink much (I never said I don't at all) and I don't do drugs. However I have met someone who I REALLY like and would like to ask out, who I was unaware until just last night was more than a year or so younger than me. I have four kidlets..daughters, two sons..all are 20 are older.

Of course, certain activities constitute statutory rape in certain places, and that can present a major problem. Two other comments: I see nothing wrong with dating someone you work with. None of them had a problem with me and her being together.