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All right, now back to work." If the recipient is fond of wordplay, you can rearrange the words, Happy Birthday so that the message reads something like "drippy haybath" One of the best ways to wish Happy Birthday is of course to flatter them so that they really feel good about themselves.Thus your birthday greeting could include the words like “You get better looking each year! Or something wittier like “How do you expect me to remember your birthday, when you never look any older? ” Another feel-good message that you can put down on a birthday card for is, “Sixteen – or whatever the number of years - candles make a lovely light, But not as bright as your eyes tonight”. " On a similarly sentimental note, you can even say, “Happy Birthday, I am glad you were born on this day”.-An adorable penguin has come a long way to shower your special someone with hugs and kisses.Penguin Hugs and Kisses is a sweet ecard that lets you send your love to someone special whether they're at work, or many miles away.Or perhaps include a fun observation like, “A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Or a cheekier variation on the theme like, “Enjoy your Xth trip around the sun!" where X stands for number of birthday 1, and is sure to make the recipient feel that much older.However instead of getting all mushy and sentimental, you could write down a poem which is both humorous and meaningful at the same time.‘Birthday cards are all the same, That just seems an awful shame.But this one's different from the start, Since it traveled from the heart !

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For someone even more advanced in years, your birthday message could read, "Smile while you still have teeth!If you are thinking of a special way to wish a loved one on his/her birthday, you can rarely fail with telling them what they mean to you, like “Happy birthday! To make your birthday message truly special for someone close to you, you could include some personal details about the recipient. I hope your day is filled with …" and in the blank space, you can insert three things that you know the person likes – they could be random things like climbing trees or getting flowers or special ones like a lifelong dream or heartfelt plans.Birthday poems have traditionally been the stable of congratulatory messages.Or “Congratulations on another year of skillful death evasion !

" For someone at work, you say write a note saying "Happy birthday!

Alternatively if you wish a friend Happy Birthday in a language completely unknown to him/her, it is sure to leave him/her bewildered and make for a lot of fun all around. Though the latter sounds a little bit awkward in English but it's very much used in Spanish.

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