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Today, it seems that some people will sink to new lows to achieve the perfect body, …Scott Kologi is an autistic 16-year-old boy who gunned down his family members on New Year’s Eve.As reported by the New York Daily News, Scott fatally shot his father, mother, sister, and his grandfather’s partner at their home in Jersey Shore.Whether by sheer genetics or by cosmetic surgery, most people have a celeb that they idolize.From George Clooney to Reese Witherspoon, it seems like there is always that one celeb that we try to pattern ourselves after.How far along she is remains unclear but something that the public has been made aware of is how Middleton is suffering, once again, from severe morning sickness.

Anyone who has gone through the embarrassing and awkward years of teenagehood can probably agree that having a pimple can sometimes feel like the epitome of teenage distress.You then post the photo on social media and no one on the internet can see that snake you posted.That’s exactly what happened for a …Kensington Palace released a statement on September 4 officially confirming that Kate Middleton is pregnant for the third time.Her 25-year-old son, John Paschall, announced the passing of his mother and added that “she fought an incredible fight, and she beat all the odds against …William Jazwinski was driving one morning in April when he saw the flashing lights of a police car behind him.

So like the law abiding citizen that he is, he promptly pulled over to the side.

But the “Tide pod challenge,” where people film themselves putting a …This past Sunday was Super Bowl LII. On one side you had Nick Foles, a backup quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles who stepped in for the injured Carson Wentz.

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